Family History


Family because 2 people fell in love

The family lineage has been traced back to the Heath Plantation in Talbotton, Georgia which is located in Talbot County.      

These humble beginnings are where Jack Heath and Jennie Adams married and their holy union brought forth eight blessings.    

Anchor of Our Family Tree

8 blessings from Jack & Jennie's holy union.  

  • Lector married Albert Smith and their union produced six children.  
  • Winzer “Bud” married Easter and their union produced two children.  
  • Clark may have settled in Tennessee. 
  • Jimmy “Jim” married Angel Bell “Sugar” Pittman and they had one child.  
  • Ector “Hun” married Willie Smith and their union produced fourteen children.  
  • Fannie “Sis” married Henry Clay Peoples and their union produced eight children.  
  • Rance married Mattie Mae Troutman and their union produced two children.  
  • Marry Alice “Candy” married Buddy “Bud” Pittman and their union produced four children.

When Jack and Jennie both passed away, relatively early in life, their oldest daughter, Lector, bared the responsibility of raising her siblings.   Albert Smith and Willie Smith were brothers that married two Heath sisters.  Angel Bell Pittman and Buddy Pittman were sister and brother that married Heath siblings.  These marital unions planted the Heath, Pittman, & Smith seed.  As their roots grew, the branches later formed this family reunion.


The First Family Reunion

The first reunion began in the home of Mary Alice Hill in 1967 along with Fannie Heath, Willie Pittman, and the following 34 attendees:     

Essie Heath Bell, Loyd Bell, Mozell Brown, Deborah Burks, Joyce Burks, Lester C. Burks, Frances Harris, Angel Heath, Carol Heath, Diane Heath, Eunice Heath, Homer Heath, Josephine Heath, Lonnie Heath, Luci Heath, Marvin Heath, Robert Heath, Shelia Heath, Shirley Heath, Raymond Hill, Jenny Maddox, Diane Mays, Luella Mays, Otis Mays, David Pittman, Lawrence Pittman, Myrtic Steward, Mildred Heath Taylor, Willie Taylor, Ann Bell Towns, Willie Williams


You Have More to Add?

If you have any further information on the children of these eight siblings please submit that information.



The first family reunion 


Introduced and issued first Jesse Heath Scholarship


Family is spread across the country, but we get together annually to carry on the tradition established by our ancestors.